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Work inspired by people and wild landscapes around the west.


I grew up on an island in Pacific Northwest and made a habit early of carrying a pen and paper wherever I went. In 2010, I made my way from Bellingham, Washington to Missoula, Montana by foot and have called the Rockies home ever since.

I have walked over five thousand miles in the last decade, many of them solo, and all that walking has had a strong influence on my writing. I can’t help but come back regularly to the question of movement and pace. That each of us and how we move through the world is directly impacted by our relationship or lack thereof to our own ecosystem, and our ability to have a relationship to that ecosystem, urban, rural or otherwise.

These days, I write mostly about outdoor recreation, the environment and issues of social inequity. Sometimes I find a story that intersects all three.

When I’m not out in the field teaching or facilitating courses, I call Frenchtown, Montana home. I live on a small farm which rests in the heart of the traditional lands of the Seliš-Qlispé (Salish) people. I think about that history a lot, and don’t take it lightly. I live here with my former PCT buddy turned dear husband, as well as an ever evolving menagerie of animals, most recently including our pup, two sheep, two pigs and a ramshackle flock of chickens and ducks.

In addition to teaching and writing, I make woodfired ceramics and woodblock prints. Head on over to my craft page to see some examples. I’m not currently posting any sales, but if you like what you see and would like to put in an order, feel free to holler!

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